Celebrating 20 Years of Exceptional Journeys with SOLiD!


In the rapidly changing world of wireless communication, a year is a long time and a decade is an eternity. In 2018, SOLiD proudly celebrates 20 years of innovation in the industry. During its two-decade journey, SOLiD has developed a competitive portfolio of RF amplifier, RF radio and optical transport solutions. 

Early History

SOLiD Technologies Inc. began operations in 1998 under the guidance of its four co-founders, including CEO Joon Chung and Dr. Seung See Lee. 

In the early stages of CDMA, SOLiD developed a variety of high-end DAS products allowing carriers to expand and extend coverage. In its very first year, SOLiD was certified for a KTF in-building optic fiber distribution system.

The technology startup then expanded its business territory from CDMA wireless DAS to Satellite DMB, WiBro and WCDMA. 

Key Milestones: First Decade

  • In 2001, SOLiD entered into a strategic agreement with U.S.-based Airvana to develop a 1xEV-DO base station
  • In 2002, the company achieved ISO 9001 certification
  • In 2003, the World Economic Forum named SOLiD a Technology 30 company.
  • SOLiD was first listed on the KOSDAQ stock exchange in 2005.
  • In 2006, SOLiD received the Presidential Medal at the sixth New Wireless Technology Awards.
  • In 2008, just 10 years after its inception, SOLiD was selected as the first Startup Ethical Management Certified Company
  • In 2008, partnership with Reach Holdings established US presence for SOLiD solutions

Key Milestones: Second Decade

  • In 2009, SOLiD received the Best Partner Award from KT
  • In 2012, SOLiD registered as an Ericsson Global DAS Supplier
  • In 2013, cumulative sales surpassed $1 billion
  • U.S. affiliate SOLiD GEAR incorporated in 2013
  • In 2014, CEO Joon Chung received the Silver Tower Industrial Medal, an award for startup business activation
  • In 2016, SOLiD acquires Reach Holdings, Ken Sandfeld becomes President of SOLiD Americas
  • SOLiD received the 2017 World Class 300 Award, presented to the world’s leading technology innovation companies
  • SOLiD opens new headquarters for Americas markets in Plano, Texas

Last week during the company’s Founders Day celebration Ken Sandfeld,  President of SOLiD Americas spoke to SOLiD employees scribing the “SOLiD family and one which is great to be part of…a worldwide family….and one where we have the caring spirit for one another…it’s the secret to our success.”

He highlighted that SOLiD has already completed delivery of tens of thousands of optical DAS remotes around the world. Noting that SOLiD clients consistently enjoy the best price/power ratio in the entire industry. 

Another milestone the year was the introduction of Genesis DAS. In early 2018, SOLiD showcased its new DAS solution at the Verizon Technology Users Forum in Austin, Texas. 

The word Genesis is defined as “The origin or coming into being of something.” When it comes to SOLiD’s new Genesis DAS, that “something” is an in-building wireless solution targeting Middleprise clients, frequently those with buildings approximately 100,000-500,000 square feet in size. Genesis DAS meets vital wireless communication requirements in a variety of vertical markets, including hospitals, universities, hotels and commercial office buildings. 

The distributed antenna system addresses unmet needs in structures where carriers don’t have the budget to offer their own DAS solutions. When a building owner invests in Genesis DAS, everyone benefits, from the individual user to the carrier who expands its coverage in the process.