Seven Tips to Improve In-Building Mobile Coverage

If you hear complaints from tenants about cellular service in your building, you are not alone. More than 60% of property and facility management executives have had the same experience, and more than 80% say that prospective tenants ask about a building’s mobile service quality. You might recognize a few of these challenges to providing reliable service.





My building is working against me: sound absorption measures, LEED materials, and design improvements are blocking cellular signals.


Deploy inside-to-inside coverage technology, positioning antennas to provide service in the hardest-to-reach areas.


Every Wednesday, our coverage gets worse: usage peaks, so coverage and capacity drop.

Engineer the system to peak usage.


We want to look upscale: visible IT equipment and people pooling outside to make calls don’t fit our image.

Invest in technology that meets the tenant need and can be completely hidden or cleverly disguised.


We’re facility and IT pros, not RF engineers: many cellular systems require complex installations, coax installation, and ongoing tech support.

Opt for technology that is as easy as Wi-Fi and shares the same or improved technology with other devices in the building.


Here today, gone tomorrow: we hear all the time about the next greatest thing. Should we wait or go ahead and take a chance on obsolescence?

Choose manufacturers that have a history of technology innovation and a modular system that can scale with you.


We need to get bandwidth in and out of our building: the access and backhaul pathways are equally important.

Use a fiber-based technology as a foundation to give you confidence that current and future needs will be met.


We are overwhelmed: it sounds great, but we don’t have the people or experience to pull it off.

Work with a partner that has a history of meeting complex cellular challenges, has existing industry relationships, and keeps it simple for you.

Overcoming communication challenges goes a long way toward creating a positive tenant experience and the loyalty that goes with it. SOLiD specializes in cost-effective solutions that deliver the robust service tenants need, with the equipment tucked nicely into available spaces. Moves and changes are easy with SOLiD’s modular technology.

You have in-building communication challenges? SOLiD has solutions. Call at (888) 409-9997 or email us at and let us help you overcome your in-building mobile challenges.